Wyse Packaging, Inc.

Stock Bulk Bags Ready For Immediate Shipment - Available on East Coast and West Coast

All Bags Have a 5:1 Safety Factor & Document Pouch
3,000lb Coated, Upanel Bags 3,000lb Uncoated, Upanel Bags
Ref #                  Size        Top        Bottom   Ref #                   Size        Top        Bottom  
BB-30CDS     35x35x30    Duffle      Spout BB-354160UDS    35x41x60    Duffle Spout 
BB-35CDS     35x35x35    Duffle      Spout BB-40UDS       35x35x40  Duffle  Spout
BB-35CSS     35x35x35    Spout       Spout BB-46UDS       35x35x46   Duffle Spout

BB-40CDS     35x35x40    Duffle      Spout BB-46USS       35x35x46   Spout Spout

BB-40CSS     35x35x40    Spout      Spout BB-50UDS       35x35x50  Duffle Spout

BB-45CDS     35x35x45    Duffle      Spout BB-52UDS       35x35x52    Duffle Spout

BB-45CSS     35x35x45    Spout       Spout BB-52USS       35x35x52    Spout Spout

BB-48CDS     35x35x48    Duffle      Spout BB-60UDS       35x35x60    Duffle Spout

BB-50CDS     35x35x50    Duffle      Spout BB-60USS   35x35x60    Spout Spout    

BB-50CSS     35x35x50    Spout       Spout BB-70UDS       35x35x70   Duffle Spout

BB-52CDS     35x35x52    Duffle       Spout BB-70USS       35x35x70   Spout Spout

BB-52CSS     35x35x52    Spout       Spout

BB-55CDS     35x35x55    Duffle       Spout

BB-55CSS     35x35x55    Spout       Spout

BB-60CDS     35x35x60    Duffle       Spout

BB-60CSS     35x35x60    Spout       Spout

BB-70CDS     35x35x70    Duffle       Spout

BB-70CSS     35x35x70    Spout       Spout

2,500lb Coated, Upanel Bags 2,200lb Uncoated, Upanel Bags
Ref #                  Size         Top        Bottom   Ref #                  Size          Top         Bottom  

BB-45C5DS    35x35x45    Duffle        Spout BB-40UDF 35x35x40  Duffle Flat Bottom

BB-45C5SS    35x35x45    Spout        Spout BB-50UDF 35x35x50 Duffle Flat Bottom

BB-50C5DS 35x35x50    Duffle      Spout   BB-50UOF 35x35x50 Open Flat Bottom

BB-52C5DS    35x35x52     Duffle        Spout

BB-60C5DS    35x35x60     Duffle        Spout

BB-60C5SS    35x35x60     Spout      Spout

BB-70C5DS    35x35x70     Duffle        Spout

BB-70C5SS    35x35x70     Spout        Spout

2,200lb Circular Uncoated Bags   4,000lb Coated, Upanel Bags
Ref #                  Size              Top        Bottom   Ref #                  Size              Top        Bottom 
BB-40UOF 35x35x40 Open Flat Bottom BB-45CDS4K 35x35x45 Duffle Spout
BB-40U5DS    35x35x40         Duffle       Spout BB-45CSS4K 35x35x45 Spout Spout; Sift Proof

BB-40U5SS    35x35x40         Spout       Spout BB-50CDS4K 35x35x50 Duffle  Spout

BB-46U5DS    35x35x46         Duffle       Spout BB-50CSS4K 35x35x50 Spout Spout; Sift Proof

BB-46U5SS    35x35x46      Spout       Spout BB-55CDS4K 35x35x55 Duffle Spout

BB-50U5DS    35x35x50    Duffle       Spout BB-55CSS4K 35x35x55 Spout Spout; Sift Proof

BB-50U5SS    35x35x50      Spout       Spout

BB-54U5DS    35x35x54      Duffle       Spout

BB-54U5SS    35x35x54 Spout       Spout

2,200lb Ventilated Bags, Upanel      Baffle Bags, 3000lbs, Uncoated, 4-Panel
Ref #                  Size           Top        Bottom   Ref #                  Size            Top        Bottom  

354154V           35x41x54     Open         Spout BB-424240 42x42x40 Duffle Spout

354158V           35x41x58     Open         Spout  BB-424240SS 42x42x40 Spout Spout
BB-424244 42x42x44 Duffle  Spout
BB-434344SS 42x42x44 Spout Spout